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Solo-performance: bass & electronics
live in dutch TV  (BNN-VARA)
„Jah Song“

Solo-Track „Rapid Eye Movement“ from the
Netherlands-Tour 19/29 with dutch opera singer Tania Kross

Philipp Rehm Trailer
from past Streaming-Show at:

„INSOMNIA“ (Faithless-Cover) featuring
Frank Wardenier (Metropol-Orkest): perc
and Marcus Balogun: voc

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dutch opera singer Tania Kross

filtering, jamming, streaming
from a live streaming show
bass & electronics

on the front cover of american BASS MUSICIAN MAGAZINE:

Philipp Rehm is a well-known name in the European bass scene for quite a long time. Already in 2004, he had been chosen „Germany’s Superbassplayer“ by bass magazine Bassprofessor. His last album had been highly recommended by the international press: „With this masterpiece, he walks straight into the league of the great“ French Bassiste Magazine noted. „A real virtuoso who knows all the tricks“ „Enormous talent“ (Jazzthetik). „Tremendous deep“ … „Surprising compositions, that take You to unexpected directions – this is how Philipp Rehm and Marcus Miller stand out from the crowd.“ (Gitarre & Bass). On his releases he works with well-known artists, such as international celebrated opera singer Tania Kross, Rhani Krija (percussion player of Sting), German drum star Ralf Gustke (Chaka Khan, G. Nanini) and Frank Wardenier (Metropol Orkest) just to mention a few.

In his solo shows, he combines electronics and live bass playing. Philipp Rehm’s music is a global kaleidoscope of avant-garde beats and stunning bass sounds on top: exciting bass lines, futuristic soundscapes, percussive improvisations, funky grooves and crystal-clear melodies. Philipp Rehm is a producer, composer and bassplayer with a very distinctive sound, and a personable approach to his blend of music. The result is a surprising and refreshing beat-and-bass trip with compositions that use elements from electronic, funk and dancehall as well as classical music and jazz… while echoing the music of Marcus Miller, Bob Marley, Prodigy, Bob Marley and J.S. Bach that influenced him.


Listen here to the interview that Philipp gave at the canadian Dingwall podcast series.



Tania Kross – Netherlands Tour 2019/2020, 53 shows, for ex. at DeLaMar-Theater (Amsterdam), Schouwburg (Rotterdam), Stadsschouwburg (Utrecht) & many more | mo’Zaique-Festival Le Havre | Konzerte in Willemstad, Curacao | ARD Hörspieltage 2018 | EnjoyJazz | ARTE-inconcert | 3sat- Festival | HR Bigband | Bimhuis Amsterdam | Bundesvision Song Contest 2009 | TV-Total | Jahrhunderthalle Bochum | RTL Ultimate Chart Show | WDR 1live krone | Alte Feuerwache Mannheim | Deutsch-Rumänische Kulturzentren Iasi Cluj Sibiu


Dutch TV BNN-Vara | EuropeanBassDay ’02 | MusikmesseFrankfurt | Dresden Drum&BassFestival | JazzpointWangen | Deutsch-Rumänisches Kulturzentrum Iasi | Port25 Mannheim | GuitarSummit | FeelTheBass@Popakademie | Online-Streaming-Shows for Dingwall-Guitars and Thuispop.nl


ARD Hoerspieltage, ARTE-inconcert, 3sat (3sat-Festival), Pro7 (TV-Total, Bundsevision Song Contest 2009), RTL Ultimate Chart Show, sat1 (Kerner‘s Jahresrückblick), SWR (NewPopFestival), WDR (1live krone), HR (HR-Nacht), RTL2 (The Dome), ZDF (Fernsehgarten), BNN-VARA and many more


„Germany’s Super Bassplayer“ 2004 (chosen by German bass magazine „Bass Professor“) 2002 „Mannheim Music Award“ with band Popgear 2006 performance at „Euro Video Grand Prix“ in Tirana/Albania with german singer Martin Kilger 2009 performance at german TV-contest Bundesvision Song Contest with singer Cassandra Steen, followed by tours and concerts


Tania Kross, Jürgen Friedrich, HR-Radio-Bigband, Mannheim Jazz Orchestra, Bruno‘s Boogaloo & Funk Orchestra, Jazz Against The Machine, Emilio Martins, Uli Brodersen, NicoleJo, Norbert Scholy, concerts and festivals in germany and international


The Flames (Top10 Germany 2002), Cassandra Steen (Top10 Germany 2009), Dinho Alves (Viva- Act 2002), Pallavi Arun, Popgear, Valy Hedjasi (Noor TV Awards 2008, Afghanistan Top10), Martin Kilger, Hubert Kah, Metaphysics (Söhne Mannheims), Adel Tawil (Ich&Ich), Silke Hauck, Gregor Meyle (SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD), Ralf Gustke (Xavier Naido, Schiller), Armin Rühl (Herbert Grönemeyer), concerts, tours and TV-shows in germany and international


„Perfectly produced … amazing bass features … fascinating grooves … world class artists.“ (STICKS magazine“ / album of the month dec 2015) „With this masterpiece the German bassist enters the league of the great.“ (Bassiste Magazine, France) „A unique approach of combining innovative beats and odd time measures with funk and dancehall.“ (Bass Musician Magazine) „Tremendous deep“ … „Surprising compositions, that take You to unexpected directions – this is how Philipp Rehm and Marcus Miller stand out from the crowd.“ (Gitarre & Bass) „A real virtuoso who knows all the tricks“, „Enormous talent“ (Jazzthetik) “Unique style of sounds and beats, with new rhythms and brilliant bassplaying.” (Bass Quarterly) „Not only a bassist, but also an excellent musician with vision and air for the right things that are needed for a song.“ (Bass Professor) „Virtuosity, technique and feeling for building up a solo“ (Mannheimer Morgen) „Rebel on bass“, „An exceptional bassist of the extra class“ (Rheinpfalz) „The bass solo’s of Philipp Rehm, you can get into enchanting. With frenetic applause the audience give thanks for the brilliant performance“ (Weinheimer Nachrichten


2 semesters teacher for bass, world music and studio recording at Music University Mannheim workshops (Dresden Drum & Bass Festival, Guitas Summit Mannheim, Session Music & more) video courses ONLINELESSONS.TV


Ralf Gustke (drums), Rhani Krija (percussion), Tilman Bruno (percussion), Emilio Martins (percussion, BRA), Pallavi Arun (vocals, IND), Martin Meixner (hammond), Matthias Doersam (horns), Juergen Friedrich (piano), Uli Brodersen (guitar), Christian Ehringer (trumpet) Philipp Rehm is brand ambassador for Dingwall Guitars, G&L guitars, Hoefner Guitars and Markbass


© 2020 Philipp Rehm
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