I am happy and thankful to be 53 concerts on tour with famous dutch singer Tania Kross. In the band are great artists from the Metropol Orkest and the Amsterdam Philharmonic and the Amsterdam National Opera. It is a fantastic crossover program of classical pieces, world music, and pop: Rachmaninoff, Queen, Classical Arabic music, Mozart, Madonna… which is also the name of the tour: Mozart to Madonna. I am not only playing bass in this great show, but also produced two electronic tracks for it and have a 6-minute solo-bass-feature in there. Tania’s show marks a 24-hour cycle and my track is the “middle of the night”: R.adpid E.ye M.ovement – R.E.M. It’s a 7/16-electronic-track with the bass on top. The show illustrated by fantastic visuals by Frouke ten Velden. The arrangements are made by famous dutch arranger Bob Zimmerman.