September 2021
My cover version of “Insomnia” by Faithless has been chosen as the title track for the YOORS MUSIC CHALLENGE.  I released this track with british singer Switchsummer and the percussionplayer of dutch Metropol Orkest Frank Wardenier. The Yoors Music Challenge is hosted by innovative content creator platform Yoors. It's a social network with great features for musicians, bands and all creatives to get in touch with their audiences. With tools such as: Fairshare, Pay Per Post, badges and boosters. All articles and posts are automatically available in multiple languages.
The Yoors Music Challenge is a contest where you can apply with an own interpretation of a song. You can upload your cover version here on the register page: There are cool prizes: up to € 1000 as 1st prize, and jury and audience awards. No matter which song, all styles of music. This challenge goes until end of september. Winner will be made public begin october. And that's when directly the next challenge will come – again with a video by me. Stay tuned!