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Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 21 in C Major „Waldstein“

Paul Hindemith: Sonata for solo Viola, Opus 25 No.1: IV

J.S. Bach: Fantasia in G Major BWV 572 Pièce d’orgue

Sigfrid Karg-Elert: „Heidebilder“ Opus 128 Nr. 1 “Weite Ebene“


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How would Bach or Beethoven compose for modern instruments of today? „BASS KLASSIK“ is a journey to explore classical german compositions on the electric bass and experience them in a deep warm sound: the futuristic arpeggios in Bach’s Organ Fantasia in G Major, the avant-garde harmonic finesse of Beethoven or the infectious rock sound found in Hindemith’s viola concerto. The bass adaptations honor the original compositions, not letting you miss one detail of the original.

Rehm has a strong groove background – that’s why his interpretations have a solid rhythmical pulse and an energetic time flow. He is also a real virtuoso on his instrument, involving all playing techniques that the bass offers. Especially tapping expands the tonal spectrum of the instrument, which gives him the opportunity, to dive into organ, piano or viola compositions. Besides from world, fusion, funk and rock, Rehm’s playing had always been influenced by classical music as well, not least the classical guitar as a child laid the basis for his virtuoso bass playing today. He also works with Dutch opera star Tania Kross, with whom he has appeared in various studio and live productions. Last but not least, this cross-genre collaboration encouraged Rehm in his idea of embarking on this classic journey of discovery with the electric bass.

When Philipp Rehm selected the pieces, he could immediately hear how they would sound on the bass. An aha moment was an organ concert in the famous St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, the most important place of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works. “I heard Bach’s great “Organ Fantasia in G Major “there on the famous church organ with its mighty sound. I wanted to play this piece too, my fingers started to move along and my mind translated the organ sound into the sound of the bass.” Rehm added composers of different classical eras, like Ludwig van Beethoven or Paul Hindemith and also discovered german impressionism of composers like Sigfrid Karg-Elert. „I was fascinated and surprised again and again how these compositions sounded on the bass – after all, they were actually written for the instruments and playing habits of the time.” The result is this EP and a soon-following album – an exciting new sound of classical music, flowing through the strings of the electric bass.

Philipp Rehm is a well-known name in the European bass scene for quite a long time. Already in 2004, he had been chosen „Germany’s Superbassplayer“ by bass magazine Bassprofessor. His album “The Philbum” had been highly recommended by the international press: „With this masterpiece, he walks straight into the league of the great“ French Bassiste Magazine noted. “A real virtuoso who knows all the tricks” , “Enormous talent” (Jazzthetik). “Tremendous deep” … “Surprising compositions, that take You to unexpected directions – this is how Philipp Rehm and Marcus Miller stand out from the crowd.” (Gitarre & Bass). In early 2021 he was on the cover of the American bass magazine Bass-Musician-Magazine. Rehm plays live both solo and with electronics.

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Solo live at dutch TV-channel BNN-VARA:

Duo with famous dutch opera singer Tania Kross

Solo Feature live at Tania Kross Netherlands Tour


Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasia G Major BWV 572 Pièce d’orgue
Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 21 in C Major (Opus 53) „Waldstein“
Paul Hindemith: Sonata for solo Viola, Opus 25 No.1: IV
Sigfrid Karg-Elert: „Heidebilder“ Opus 128 Nr. 1 “Weite Ebene“

Philipp Rehm: solo electric bass guitar | arranged and produced by Philipp Rehm | recorded at Spike-City-Studio, Netherlands | mastered at MilianMastering, Hamburg

© 2020 Philipp Rehm
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