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Big repertoire, good sound and timing, solid technique and, if you like, crazy chops … with me you will learn how you can sustainably expand your playing and your musicality. With the right mix of exercises, songs, workouts and recording projects as well as an individually tailored practice plan. So that you have all the skills you need for your music, relaxed and fed up.


My name is Philipp Rehm. In addition to my work as a sideman, soloist and producer, I have been working as a bass teacher for 20 years. Online, face-to-face, in workshops or, for example, teaching at the Mannheim University of Music. I have taught master students and talented beginners, young and old – there is an individual path for everyone to achieve the desired goal.
I want to offer you a great sound experience for online lessons – that’s why my setup is directly connected to my studio gear. Neve circuit, high-end compressor and top notch converter straight to your home! And for the video I use my stream concert setup: 4K camera and lighting – OK, we’ll leave the fog machine switched off…
I am happy that you have landed on my website. Feel free to browse around a bit, there is also a lot of music to hear and watch. If you have any questions, just send me an email to lessons@philipprehm.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Here you can book a trial lesson or a four-lesson-ticket for online lessons. I also offer power modules lasting several lessons on topics such as slapping, solo, oddmetre or harmony. 


This 60 minute voucher is ideal for trying out online lessons with me. From the first lesson on You will receive exercises, PDFs and suggestions that are tailored to You and Your goals.


Order this 4×60-minute bundle for regular lessons. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email and we can arrange the first appointment directly.

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Testimonial from Sarah Abassi:

“Philipp gave me lessons at the Mannheim University of Music in the preparation phase for my final bachelor’s concert. With his many technical exercises and the practise plan that he made for me, he took my game to a new level and enabled me to get a great grade at my graduation concert. Philipps know-how is broad across all genres. With his tips and song examples he not only brought me closer to funk and fusion but also other genres such as samba. He has a very positive character and always seems to be in a good mood My study at the University is now finished, but the lessons with Philipp are far from over. “

Testimonial from Florian Hartz:

“After I have been on the road as a professional musician for a long time, Philipp’s lessons have managed to raise my awareness and my playing to a completely new level within just half a year. With well-thought-out exercises that are adapted to my needs, we have effectively worked on the technical and creative aspects of bass playing and developed them further together. In addition, there was well thought-out repertoire work. Philipp’s input on my own projects in the fields of funk, fusion and rock was always very helpful – You could hear the difference on my recordings! In addition, his remarks on recording and production were very well tailored to my professional practice, so that I just got the urge to actually try out everything myself immediately. Thank you for the hours we spent together and the positive vibes! “

Here is an overview of some of the topics of my bass lessons. When we get strated, You will then receive a complete practise plan, PDFs, beats and click exercises tailored to your needs.
  • Know the whole range of bass techniques: fingerstyle, plek, palm mute, slap, chords, double stops, tapping, effects.
  • Expansion of awareness for groove, time and sound
  • Playing across all rhythms and time signatures, using subdivisions and groupings.
  • Apply harmony and ear training correctly, and thus take your game to a higher level and to learn and listen to songs better.
  • Serving the band and tasteful slapping with the right sound, the right technique and, above all, good riffs, grooves and stylish solos.
  • Cool bass features for your bands: with grooves, fills and melody quotes. Virtuoso bass solos in which you tease all the sounds out of the instrument. A good repertoire of transcriptions.
  • One of the most important topics: using the right practice methods and visualization to optimally prepare for bands, concerts and recordings.
Here are some transcription videos that I made. I also have the PDF’s available.
Teaching Credentials:
  • Musikhochschule Mannheim (2015/16 & 2019/20): E-Bass, World-Music, Studio & Recording
  • Onlinelessons.TV (various video courses and live broadcasts)
  • Workshops (e.g. with Ralf Gustke, Armin Ruehl, Emilio Martíns at the Dresden Drum & Bass Festival, Session Music, Modern Music School and many more)
  • Preparation of prospective professionals for studying at music colleges
  • Diploma in popular music / jazz, majoring in bass and diploma in composition / arrangement from the Mannheim State University of Music.
  • In 2002 I took part in the international exchange of jazz schools in Helsinki (Finland). (IASJ: International Association of Schools of Jazz)
© 2020 Philipp Rehm
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