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May 2022 Classical german compositions for organ, piano and viola – played on electric bass guitar. Check out Philipp Rehm’s new EP „BASS KLASSIK“ – available on all digital music platforms. Videos at: https://philipprehm.com/bassklassik BASS KLASSIK: Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasia G Major BWV 572 Pièce d’orgue Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 21 in C


October 2021 Inspiring two weeks recording Tania Kross‚ opera „Katibu di Shon“. Fantastic music by carribean jazz star Randal Corsen, lyrics in creole language and two basses… What a visionary project. A very moving story about slavery on the caribbean island of Curacao, where both, Tania Kross and Randal Corsen come from. It was a


September 2021 My cover version of “Insomnia” by Faithless has been chosen as the title track for the YOORS MUSIC CHALLENGE.  I released this track with british singer Switchsummer and the percussionplayer of dutch Metropol Orkest Frank Wardenier. The Yoors Music Challenge is hosted by innovative content creator platform Yoors. It’s a social network with


August 2021 New music videos out now! I produced the music for three artist videos that great german percussion player Ellen Mayer made for Meinl Percussions. I did not only play bass but also synthesizers and keyboards, did the programmings and the mixing. We had a great time creating those three tracks together. The first


July 2021 New music video out now! „INSOMNIA“ It’s one of my favourite songs from the 90s, and now I’m glad to release our tribal-bass-version with vocals of SwitchSummer (UK) and delicious percussions of Frank Wardenier (Metropol Orkest). „I can’t get no sleep!“ Watch the whole video on Yoors-Music: https://bit.ly/3hGrauO or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/philipp.rehm.3/posts/3025537877703231 Listen


May 2021 I was recently performing a track of mine at the dutch TV channel BNN VARA. Bass solo & electronics – Enjoy! Or watch it on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/philipp.rehm.3/posts/2994401024150250


March 2021   It was a great solo performance at the CODA Museum Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. I took part in the ART-ROCKS-competition, for which i composed and produced a track as a soundtrack to a chosen artwork: here it is the great paper-artwork „JUNGLE“ by dutch artist Couzijn van Leeuwen. Due to the corona


January 2021 Thanks Bass Musician Magazine for having me on their january edition cover! And thanks to good friend and fantastic bassplayer Michel Laredo aka „Momo“ for the interview! https://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2021/01/we-are-all-in-this-together-january-2021-issue/


November 2020 At the first online edition of the Guitar Summit music conference Bach’s Piano Concerto in Dm – bass comparison. Played four times comparing the violin and the club bass and different sound setups. Full video and three more that I made for Hofner Guitars at https://www.guitarsummit.de/. Check it out! https://youtu.be/PZkhByUGbik https://webcamp.guitarsummit.de/brand/karl-hofner-gmbh-co-kg/?view=videos


November 13 2020   I’m excited to do a masterclass this friday november 13 at 22:00 CET for Dingwall Guitars. It’s about creating grooves and basslines in any kind of rhythm or time signature by using subdivisions and groupings. Grap Your bass and tune in, this friday at the Dingwall Guitars FB page. Happy to


October 2020   Check out this podcast that the great Michel Laredo did with me for the new Dingwall Guitars – podcast series. We had an inspiring talk about music, life and creativity. Thanks again Michel Laredo for this great hour! Here is the link:https://www.buzzsprout.com/…/6423001-phil-rehm-the-subdivis…    


October 2020 ### Dingwall Guitars „ISOLATION“ SUPER JAM ### Check out this incredible video with Dingwall artists from all over the world, combined in one awesome track. I’m glad & thankful to be a part of it. Watch my part: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=361270458487618 Or watch the whole video (my slot is at 2:51): https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2843909972511148&t=171


This Friday August 28 20:30 CET (2:30 PM EDT): LIVESTREAM CONCERT @ Thuispop.NL … It’s a great dutch streaming event with several bands and it means „AT-HOME-POP“. I’ll be playing my music again with bass & electronics. Don’t miss it! … Tickets: https://store.thuispop.nl/


I was glad to be invited for a solo stream concert for the Canadian bass company Dingwall Guitars. The concert ran on their Facebook page which is hosting a big community of bass players and music lovers from all over the world. The show was on May 29 and we tried to find a time

new single out now: R.E.M.

I’m happy & thankful to perform this track live at the Tania Kross-Netherlands-tour. Her show marks a 24-hour cycle and this track is the „middle of the night“: R.adpid E.ye M.ovement (no, I didn’t name the song after my family name). Click & take a listen:on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2QJr0nLon Apple Music: https://apple.co/2ZUsu2Ton Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/philipp.rehm.3/videos/477541323200418 There are

53 concerts with dutch opera star Tania Kross

I am happy and thankful to be 53 concerts on tour with famous dutch singer Tania Kross. In the band are great artists from the Metropol Orkest and the Amsterdam Philharmonic and the Amsterdam National Opera. It is a fantastic crossover program of classical pieces, world music, and pop: Rachmaninoff, Queen, Classical Arabic music, Mozart, Madonna…

live @ Musikproduktiv-Messe

Ralf Gustke (drums) and me (bass) live at the Musikproduktiv-Messe on november 9th 2019. Thanks G&L Guitars & Yamaha Guitars for inviting us!

Teaching At University of Music Mannheim

October 2019 In the winter semester 2019/20 Phil is teaching bass and studio & recording at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim.

@ famous youtube-channel BASS THE WORLD

Sept 2019 |  Great & productive videoshoot with Gregor at BASS THE WORLD, testing 5 great bass products and jamming some of my tunes. Check videos on my instagram-profile and on BASS THE WORLD on Youtube.[:en]Great & productive videoshoot with Gregor at BASS THE WORLD, testing 5 great bass products and jamming some of my tunes.


Happy to release my new track: „Traveler“. It is a full electronic track with a little bit of bass guitar in there. And for those who are interested: it is a house beat subdivided in 5 ! Quintuplet EDM so to say… Here is the music video:  

@ Frankfurt Session Messe

On april 6 I was invited by famous american bass company G&L to play some of my tracks for them at the Frankfurt Session Messe. It was great fun to be there!

LIVE with PLUQ in Romania

March 2019 Nice duo show with PLUQ in Iasi (Romania) with Ralf Gustke on drums. It was a great show and a great city. Looking forward to come back to Romania.


This year brought more and more solo & duo shows: bass, electronics and, when with drums, Ralf Gustke. Guitar Summit Mannheim, Session Music Frankfurt, Drumtrainer Berlin, Rockshop Fest Karlsruhe and solo concerts in Mannheim and Worms … Looking forward for more to come. Check out my Youtube and Facebook videos…    


I released a wonderful collaboration called „Warawara“ with the famous Dutch opera star Tania Kross. She is born on the Carribean island of Curacao and uses her voice in this track in a great crossover-way, ranging from deep tones to mystic Celtic choirs. Working on this track was really exciting and it turned out to


After playing at Mannheim Guitar Summit, I finally met Sheldon Dingwall, chief and founder of famous canadian bass company Dingwall Guitars. He and his company support me with new releases and videos and always share my material with their international fanbase. Sheldon asked to interview me and it was a fun time doing this. Check

SOLO SHOW Bass & Electronics

Bass, Beats, Turntables – the new solo live set is ready to hit the stage. With beats and programmings from Philbum-songs and new tracks, and also solo versions of some rock and pop songs. First solo-concerts at Port25-Mannheim and Musikmesse Session-Frankfurt were great, more are coming soon. New 4k Videos will be posted soon.

@ Drumtrainer TV Berlin

On 11 march, drummer Ralf Gustke and me had a concert and masterclass at Berlin-based online-drum-academy drumtrainer-online.tv. The Subject was that of my upcoming book, that will be released later this year at Alfred-Music: creating grooves in any kind of time measures using the language of subdivisions. Stay tuned for news and videos about that

Philbum @ French Bass Magazine

Merci beaucoup to the french bass magazine „BASSISTE MAGAZINE“ for the great review of „Le Philbum“.

@ FEEL THE BASS Festival Mannheim

Last sunday Ralf Gustke and me played some philbum grooves and also some new material at the FEEL THE BASS FESTIVAL at Popakademie Mannheim. We had a blast playing there ! After us, Stu Hamm played a great set and I still had the chance to have a nice talk with him.

Phil @ GUITARSUMMIT Mannheim

[:de]The Philbum songs also sound great on Hofner basses: I played two shows for this traditional german bass brand at the new guitar & bass event in Mannheim called GUITARSUMMIT. I used my Hoefner Club Bass and played own material, solo and with beats and also solo-bass versions of some famous pop songs. It was a

Studio-Aufnahme mit SR Fernsehen

[:de] Mit der Band NicoleJo arbeiten wir gerade am neuen Album und waren dazu in einem tollen Studio im Saarland. Und für ein bisschen „Live-Flair“ sorgte ein Team vom SR Fernsehen, die einen Beitrag zum neuen Album und das 20-jährige Bestehen der Band gemacht haben. Danach ging es gleich weiter zu einem Auftritt mit der

Lancirama: Rotterdam - Sao Paulo - Köln

[:de]Endlich haben wir mal wieder mit LANCIRAMA gearbeitet, meiner transkontinentalen Band mit dem Perkussionisten Emilio Martins aus Sao Paulo und Gitarrist Uli Brodersen aus Köln. Wir haben ein schönes Konzert im Jazzclub Neustadt a.d. Weinstrasse gespielt und mit Emilio habe ich auch einen Online-Kurs „Brazilian Grooves for bass and percussion“ bei ONLINELESSONS.TV aufgenommen. Emilio war nur

Neues Album nach 3 Millionen Youtube-Klicks

[:de]Nach Millionen von Klicks auf den Tracks unseres ersten Albums kommt hier jetzt das Follow-Up von Jazz Against The Machine: „COME AS YOU ARE“ erscheint wieder als Vinyl, CD und natürlich digital. 90s Grunge goes Jazz mit Vibraphon, Trompete, Bass und Drums. Danke an Poets Club Records und Hiphop-Vinyl aus Berlin. Listen & buy: Vinyl: http://bit.ly/JazzAgainstTheMachine CD: http://amzn.to/2rpgHYI


[:de]Fetten Bluesrock gibts auf dem Album „Watch Me Fly“ zu hören, dass ich mit dem Blues-Rock-Trio „THE STROBEZ“ rausgebracht habe. Wir hatten bereits ein paar tolle Pressekritiken und wurden vor kurzem bei Deutschlandfunk „Rock etc.“ vorgestellt – der Redaktion hat das so gut gefallen, dass sie uns in ihre Deutschlandfunk-Spotify-Playlist aufgenommen haben. Hier gehts zur


Thanks Bass Musician Magazine for the album review in the march issue. Check it out, it’s a great magazine! http://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2017/03/philipp-rehms-philbum/


I just launched my new online teaching program „BASS TO BASS WITH PHIL“. It gives You the full benefit of a real private session, wherever we are in that moment. I travel a lot and You might live in another country – these online 1-on-1 lessons are a great opportunity for You to get inspiration, input,


[:de]Thank You Arnd Fuchs for the great album review in german bass journal „Bassprofessor“. It is great to be in there again after having been elected „Germany’s Superbassplayer 2004“ by this magazine.[:en]Thank You Arnd Fuchs for the great album review in german bass journal „Bassprofessor“. It is great to be in there again after having been elected „Germany’s Superbassplayer

Ahoy Arena Rotterdam

[:de]In december 2016 I was playing 10 days in the big Ahoy Arena Rotterdam with the band of singer and conducter Ingrid Schwarz. It was a 10 day circus production with finest artists and acrobats from all over the world.  It was a fantastic environment, a big arena and fantastic light installation. The stage was on 8 metres

Dresden Drum & Bass Festival 18.9.2016

The Philbum live @ JAZZPOINT WANGEN

[:de][wolf_images_slider ids=“1208,1209,1210,1211,1212,1213,1214,1215,1216″][:en]Thanks to the guests and everyone the team at JAZZPOINT Wangen and Uli Brodersen, Ralf Gustke and Michael Quast for the great gig on april 29 at Jazzpoint Wangen in south germany![wolf_images_slider ids=“1208,1209,1210,1211,1212,1213,1214,1215,1216″][:]

@ ARTE concerts

[:de] Phil with NicoleJo @ ARTE concerts Great showcase with the band NicoleJo on april 22 at Bremen/Schlachthof at the German Jazz Expo / Jazzahead 2016. Here You find the at german TV station ARTE. [:en] Phil with NicoleJo @ ARTE concerts Great showcase with the band NicoleJo on april 22 at Bremen/Schlachthof at the

Philbum im deutschen Magazin "Gitarre & Bass"

[:de]Danke an die Redaktion von „Gitarre und Bass“ und Lothar Trampert für den tollen Album-Review in der Februar-Ausgabe. Der Autor wurde sogar von seinen Nachbarn auf den „deepen“ Sound des Albums hingewiesen… www.gitarrebass.de  [:en]Thanks to „Gitarre und Bass“ and Lothar Trampert for the great review of the Philbum in the february issue of the magazine! www.gitarrebass.de[:]

THE PHILBUM @ Bayrischer Rundfunk

[:de]“In die Nacht – Aus Liebe zu den Tönen“ auf BR puls vom 24.01.2016 Stephan Rehm Ronzanes und Simon Frontzek machen da eine tolle Sendung mit Hits, Geheimtipps und Neuem aus Indiehausen. In der Playlist gibt es auch einen Track vom Philbum. Pulse ist das junge Programm des Bayrischen Rundfunks und „In die Nacht“ stellt neben einer

"Album des Monats" (Drummagazin "STICKS")

[:de]Thanks to german drum magazine „STICKS“ for choosing the PHILBUM as „album of the month“. You can find also transcribtions of some of the beats and drumsolos. (STICKS dec2015)   [:en]Thanks to german drum magazine „STICKS“ for choosing the PHILBUM as „album of the month“. You can find also transcribtions of some of the beats

Phil unterrichtet an der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik Mannheim

[:de]Im Wintersemester 2015-16 unterrichtet Phil an der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim im Hauptfach E-Bass und leitet das World-Music-Ensemble. [:en]In the wintersemester 2015/16 Phil is teaching bass and world music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim. [:]

Album Release des PHILBUMs

[:de]Am 29.11.2015 ist es erschienen: das „PHILBUM“ von Philipp Rehm. Als CD und USB-Wafer-Karte (hier auf der Website zu bestellen) und digital in allen Online-Stores und Streaming Anbietern. Vielen Dank an alle, die adran beteiligt waren.[:en]On novembre 29th was the release of „THE PHILBUM“: on CD and USB-Wafer-Card (You can order it here at the


[:de]ONLINELESSONS.TV ist eine der führenden deutschen Online-Akademien für Instrumentalunterricht. In Livesendungen und in den Archiven werden Drums- , Gitarren- , Keyboard- und neuerdings auch Bass-Lessons gezeigt, die Abonennten dann im Replay auch wiederholen und im Eigenstudium üben können. Besonders das Archiv an Drumlessons ist mittlerweile beispiellos und die Firma ist mittlerweile auch an die Popakademie

© 2020 Philipp Rehm
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